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Flexible Schedules

We offer in home and on site dog training that is fit to accommodate your busy schedule. We strive to make things as simple as possible and have availability everyday of the week, early mornings, afternoons and evenings. Classes are scheduled on a week to week basis to make it best for you!

Trusted Training

With years of experience rest assured your pup will always be in great hands. Whether we are in your house training, in a class, or on site we guarantee the highest quality and level of expertise! We are here to make you and your pup feel comfortable and we ALWAYS encourage you to take part in the training and watch.

All Ages and Breeds

We have ABSOLUTELY NO breed restrictions and are happy to work with all breeds and ages. Whether you just got your pup and need to learn the basics to help house train them, or your furry friend is getting up there in age and needs more structure to accommodate his lifestyle. We work with ALL ages and BREEDS!

About Trick Training

Trick training can encompass a wide variety of things. It depends on what YOU would like to get out of the training. Trick training has a myriad of benefits that many people are not initially familiar with, see blow to see just some of the benefits:

Energy Exertion - Exercise 

Exercise is perhaps one of, if not the most important benefits of trick training. You can look it at like cross fit or the gym for us. Dogs, much like humans, NEED physical exercise and many of them are not able to get adequate exercise. Obesity, heart disease, cancer and more diseases we see growing in humans are also hitting their peak in our furry friends.  


Because we are not helping our pets get exercise. These days we all lead busy lives and trick training can be THE BEST way to help you dog get adequate physical exercise and promote a happy and healthy lifestyle!

Mental Stimulation

Many dogs that are anxious, high energy, excessively barking and more, are simply behaving that way because they have loads of pent up energy! Trick training does not only exercise them physically but also mentally. The mental stimulation attributed with learning new tricks can be one of the BEST ways to reduce anxiety, stress, and other mental irritants in your pup! Think of it like learning a new skill for humans, similar to karate, boxing, fishing, cycling, etc.


Trick training can also severely enhance your dogs overall confidence and attention span. They will be able to focus more on tasks and have a work ethic that helps them cope in the normal world. Dogs LOVE tasks, exercise, and fun games! When they learn to do tricks they feel a stronger communication with their owners!


Trick training is one of the best ways to help a dog develop a strong, healthy, and meaningful relationship with their owner! Whether it is playing fetch, learning right from left, learning rollover, or getting the remote for you, they feel strong satisfaction that they are able to understand you!

Problem Solving

Problem solving can be imperative for any dogs that may be exemplifying fearful reactions towards certain surroundings or distractions. In order to further your dogs confidence trick training can help your pup learn how to solve problems and calm down in stressful situations!

Tricks That We Learn But Are Not Limited To:

Fetch / Frisbee

Trick training encompasses learning how to play fetch and Frisbee. This is a great way for dogs to have a task oriented game that promotes physical exertion!

perfect for high energy driven dogs!

Around, Through, Zig Zags

These are more mentally stimulating. These tricks teach your dog how to go around you in circles as you walk, through your legs, and zig zag through your legs. These are GREAT tricks to combine with fetch. For example, you may place your pup in a sit, say "around" and then have them run around you and catch the ball or Frisbee afterwards.


Retrieving is an excellent trick to help enhance the communication between pet and owner. Whether it is bringing you a remote, water bottle or even a beer, this makes your dog feel confident that they are able to understand and communicate with you!

Paw, Rollover, Play Dead

These are all considered tricks and they are great for mental stimulation. they teach your pup how to focus on a task, communicate, and let's face it, they are adorable!

And So Much More!


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