Obedience Training

Flexible Schedules

We offer in home and on site dog training that is fit to accommodate your busy schedule. We strive to make things as simple as possible and have availability everyday of the week, early mornings, afternoons and evenings. Classes are scheduled on a week to week basis to make it best for you!

Private & Group Classes

We offer private in home or on site classes to cater to any of YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS. Our classes include a variety of different focal points that are all catered to YOUR goals and expectations from our services. We work on a case by case basis in order to formulate and develop the most comprehensive and effective curriculum for each and every pup!

All Ages and Breeds

We have ABSOLUTELY NO breed restrictions and are happy to work with all breeds and ages. Whether you just got your pup and need to learn the basics to help house train them, or your furry friend is getting up there in age and needs more structure to accommodate his lifestyle. We work with ALL ages and BREEDS!

Basic Commands: Sit, Down, Heel, Stay, Place

Our obedience programs include all of the basic commands. We will teach your pup, sit, down, stay, place, and everything that they will need to learn the basic commands. More importantly we will teach YOU how to communicate and implement the curriculum effectively so your dog recognizes you and understands what you are asking.

Marker Words

We go over marker words in order to help establish a strong foundation that lasts a lifetime!

Leash Pressure

Leash pressure is a pivotal part of learning how to develop a relationship with your pup. This helps your pup understand what you want from them and helps you make those long walks nice and relaxing.


Socialization is one of the most IMPORTANT elements to successful dog training. This will help your pup learn how to react in certain surroundings, around people, other dogs, kids, and with distractions. The purpose of socialization is to help your pup develop CONFIDENCE in a healthy way in order to minimize any fearful reactions

Problem Solving

Problem solving can be imperative for any dogs that may be exemplifying fearful reactions towards certain surroundings or distractions. In order to further your dogs confidence we will help them develop a method to problem solve, and MORE IMPORTANTLY teach YOU how to give you pup confidence!


Plan In Home Lessons On Site Lessons Group Classes

Single Sessions




5 Lesson Program




10 Lesson Program




*pricing does not include any equipment

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