About Us

Rise K9 is Martin and St. Lucie Counties most trusted dog trainers. Rise K9 was founded by a passion to help people learn how to connect, and understand their furry friends better. Developing a strong relationship with your pup is the foundation of training. Training is the language that connects humans to dogs and here at Rise K9, we show you YOU how to connect to your dog.


By offering obedience training, disabled dog training, trick training and group classes we are committed to helping you achieve any goal you have for your furry friend. Whether it is simply to learn the basics, keep calm on a leash, stop barking, or learn how to catch a Frisbee, we would LOVE to be a part of your journey. We understand that dogs are FAMILY!

Bruna Benzrihem, Founder & Head Trainer:

Bruna Benzrihem has over 6 years of experience as a dog trainer. As a former head dog trainer at Petco, owner of three dogs, including one that is half blind and completely deaf, and a pet fanatic, Bruna has years of professional experience. Rise K9 has been in business helping people and pets for over a year now!


She has trained dogs of every breed, age, and has hands on experience with disabled dogs. Having trained well over 100 dogs, Bruna is an expert. She found her passion for dog training as a result of a tragic accident. When fostering a dog, one of her best friends was the victim of a severe dog bite which lead to months of hospitalization. In an attempt to learn more about the circumstances behind her friends attack a passion was found.


Bruna spent countless hours studying, watching video and volunteering her services to train dogs. 7 years after the incident she has trained dogs for rescues, pet owners, humane societies, graduated Petco's dog training program becoming the head dog trainer in Petco Burlington, MA for over a year, become an AKC C.G.C Certified instructor and continued to train dogs by starting her own business.